The GSC Costco Card program allows MIT graduate students to borrow a Costco Card for personal use (for more information, refer to this brochure). Costco Cards can be picked up from Copytech (11-004) during normal business hours (weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.) and must be returned by the end of the lending period.
Note: The free Costco Shuttle is officially reinstated thanks to your help and will run every other Sundays! (look below for more details)

For additional questions, please contact GSC HCA co-chairs at

Please be considerate of your fellow graduate students and return the membership cards promptly. Below, you can see which Costco cards are available. The name and Athena ID are only shown for cards that are overdue.

The display below may be out of date while we update the system.

Card # Borrowed On Due By Borrowed By
1 Friday January 19 09:22 AM Monday January 22 09:22 AM
2 Thursday January 18 09:39 AM Monday January 22 09:39 AM
3 Friday January 19 10:26 AM Monday January 22 10:26 AM
4 Friday January 19 11:20 AM Monday January 22 11:20 AM
5 Friday January 19 12:27 PM Monday January 22 12:27 PM
6 Friday January 19 02:09 PM Monday January 22 02:09 PM
7 Currently Unavailable --- ---
8 Friday January 19 03:17 PM Monday January 22 03:17 PM
9 Friday January 19 03:44 PM Monday January 22 03:44 PM
10 Friday January 19 11:15 AM Monday January 22 11:15 AM
0 {Available}

Shuttle Map and Pickup Dates/Times

Dates for Winter/Spring 2018 Shuttles
February2/4, 2/25
April4/8, 4/22

Stop Campus Pick-up Times
AMaseeh Hall11:00AM12:15PM1:30PM2:45PM
BBurton House11:01AM12:16PM1:31PM2:46PM
CNew House11:02AM12:17PM1:32PM2:47PM
ESimmons Hall11:06AM12:21PM1:36PM2:51PM
FRandom/MIT Museum11:10AM12:25PM1:40PM2:55PM
IEast Campus11:20AM12:35PM1:50PM3:05PM
Shaded cells indicates DROP-OFF ONLY! No pickup!
** Last pickup at Costco and Target!
Terms of use: Borrowing the card is free, but you must return the card to Copytech by the end of the loan period. Your student account will be charged $110 for unreturned cards, as this is the replacement fee. You may only borrow a Costco Membership card once in any 1-week period. Cards are NOT tax-exempt unless you are a student group and have the appropriate tax-exemption forms.